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Paradise Lost

The collection also includes books that are notable not because of what they're about or when they were made, but because of who owned them. This copy of Milton's Paradise Lost was owned by William Wordsworth, as his signature at the top right indicates. (Gothamist)

At a time when we learned the budget crisis might make theĀ  New York Library a victim, we find this little gem of a collection. The rare book collection is a priceless collection of rare books unique and there are 130,000 books in the collection.

The collections include the first book published in North America and books owned by famous authors. The books go back hundreds of years and they are physical witnesses to history.

To view the collection you must be registered as a researcher (which is just registering in the rare books room) and the collection can be viewed online.

If you live in New York, visiting or just simply love books – this is one of New York’s finest.

Via Gothmist