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Ever wondered what your families journey looked like?  Go beyond the time-lines and create a map of your families migration. With Google Maps and Bing Maps you can create a visual journey of your families genealogy.

You have to use the current map services with the understanding that maps have changed a lot in the past few hundred years. But they do offer an excellent poor man’s interactive experience without having to be a Flash designer. The different map services also offer options like adding a photo, website and notes to each pinged location. Bing has partnered with on the website and their software.

Sometimes when you start out to learn a new tool or process, you will discover more information then before. Using the maps will put your families journey into prospective and a deeper appreciation for how far they traveled for you to discover them.

Geneabloggers has written a great two part article about QR codes and how it could (will) be the future of genealogy research.

What’s a QR code?  A QR code is a fancy bar code that you can scan with your mobile and get more information on that item/place/person/whatever that you are standing in front of.

The codes are generated for specific web sites and then attached to points of interest that are relevant to that QR code. The implications for research are endless:

  • Libraries
  • Graveyards
  • Historic Sites
  • Conferences

It’s perfect timing when more genealogy companies and research outlets are producing more iPhone apps.  All you need is a smart phone and your genealogy road trip is all set – without the boxes of paperwork and documents.