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Washington Crossing the Delaware Dec 24th 1776 (1775-1890)

The genealogy and historical trend on Twitter is amazing.  There is just about every historical genre on Twitter and more every day. You have different eras and interest to choose from, like it’s it own Twitter. Twitter has helped me connect to people who are researching the same areas as me and even helped me find a few lost ancestors.

My current favorite is PatriotCast on Twitter. To sum it up from them, “PatriotCast is a historical online reenactment of the American Revolution. For eight years it will give a day by day account of the War.” PatriotCast will reenact the Revolution with multiple tweets every day between 2010 and 2017 (2010 being 1775).  Now that’s a long term project.

Getting the tweets everyday is like a news wire to the past.  It gives me a deeper appreciation and a better understanding for history.

Follow them:

lady2This is a new blog for our chapter to share research, history, genealogy tips and what not.  It won’t be about chapter news and business, as that is what the chapter website is for.

I hope to have one posting a week and the first posts will be mostly about history trends and genealogy tips – until we get chapter members contributing. Please send me any insights or ideas for articles.