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Family Connections : Stewart Watson creates installations that explore genealogy and family history

Stewart Watson takes the fan chart of a whole new level. She’s able to take the family tree and visualize it’s uniqueness. “So much of what we are—as a family or species—is similar,” she says, “that it is the tiny bit which makes us unique that interests me.”

Descendant Chart, 2011. Steel, paint, hardware. 144” x 276” x 110”

via Urbanite… In Descendant Chart, shown here installed at the DC Arts Center, Watson randomly slipped steel rods through painted ‘connectors’ that were attached to the wall in a specific genealogical pattern. She explains, “Through non-mechanical reproduction—I like to think of it as a bit of secret performance art—multiples are created that are similar, but never the same. This action is crucial as evidence of the human hand, and its imperfections, in my process oriented work.”

How would your family tree look like as art?